November 2021

Annual Progress Report Metals 2020-2021

Looking forward 

In the coming year, the parties will seek to improve and streamline individual due diligence processes and to strengthen the collaboration between companies and civil society organisations.

Upgrading due diligence processes and tools will also take place in the form of:

  • Developing a digital secure portal in which several tools and templates will be integrated
  • Making tools/templates more accessible (translation to Dutch, use of simplified language, etc.)
  • Making tools more tailormade for different kinds of companies (small/large, position in the supply chain, etc.)

The parties shall also explore whether an OECD alignment assessment will be beneficial to conduct and start with the process of implementing a collective project to address identified collective risks in the metal supply chain.

Outreach and upscaling have been made a priority and an urgent task for all Parties in the coming year. To increase company participation, it is planned to reach out to European and Dutch industry associations and to intensify one-on-one consultations with interested companies in the sector. It is also planned to participate in national and international events in order to share knowledge and promote the Metals Agreement. And to launch a series of webinars that will detail what it means to do due diligence in the metal sector. These activities will be supported by social media updates, stories of change by parties, an upgraded website, a promotional and informative video, and brochures.

Implementing a project plan on the sustainability of recycled materials is in the works for the secondary materials sector. Additionally, it is planned to recruit 5 additional recycling companies and find opportunities for collaboration on responsible sourcing of secondary materials with the World Resources Forum.